Letters to Ruben
ISBN papel: 9788494340482
ISBN ebook: 9788494340499
Formato: 150 x 210mm
Fecha de publicación: Setiembre 2015
Páginas: 306
Idioma: Inglés


Over a year I wrote more than forty letters to my seventeen-year-old son. They are short reflections on topics ranging from the familiar to the social and political. Topics that are part and parcel of both the daily lives of adults and young people in contemporary society. I am not looking to indoctrinate but rather to share points of view and sincere reflexion for considering part of our reality with a more critical and reflective viewpoint.

The book, which originated as something special and private between a father and son, is aimed at both young people and adults who wish to go beyond the superficiality and haste of our times. Readers will find in it an opportunity to reflect a little more on the “platitudes” that we often take for granted.